Chapter 2:
The Rules behind the Standard House

The rules which our houses are designed upon are largely influenced by the social, cultural, and aesthetic practice of their time.  Different communities have different living habits and rituals.  The standard houses of different time periods and communities are arranged to fulfil these needs.  The rules can range from the horarium of monastic orders to the law of proportions in Georgian architecture.      

Georgian Orders

Graphic Standards first published in the 1920s.

>> The Standard Person

The definition of a standard house is closely linked to the ideal or the standard person as conceived by the community or the society of the time.  Different periods and societies may adopt different measuring systems, but fundamentally, the organisation of our living spaces are set out to meet the standard parameters and habits of this ‘standard user’. 

The question I would like to explore is how else can we define this ‘standard user’ and through what measuring system or parameters?

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